2018-2019 Board Meeting

The SFA/THSBOA board met on Monday May 21 in Lufkin. Below is a recap of the meeting.

1. The board unanimously voted to appoint Eddie Hopkins to fill the remaining board position for a one year term. Remember no one ran and according to our bylaws the board can appoint someone to fill that spot. Ricky Conner will continue to be our representative to THSBOA. Jay Wyatt will be our local rules interpreter for the upcoming season. 2. Ray Rodriguez will be in charge of coordinating training of new officials. We will need some veteran officials to help with this training. We also discussed having an on floor 2 and 3 person clinic specifically for helping everyone to better understand the mechanics. 3. Dues will stay the same as last year. Aaron reported we have $3700 in the bank at seasons end. 4. We discussed a couple of schools we had some issues with last season and I will address this with the superintendents of said schools. 5. Mileage will go to the ring system this next year for all sports. Lufkin is our center point for calculating this. We will go over in more detail at our meetings to start next year. 6. We will have 2 Rules Clinics this year. You must attend one of these to officiate varsity contests. 7. Meeting dates have been set: August 22 Lufkin Rock House, September 19 SFA, October 17 SFA, November 14 Lufkin Rock House, December 12 Lufkin Rock House, Jamuary 16 SFA, February 13 Lufkin Rock House. As of now the 2 dates in bold are the Rules Clinic dates. 8. Board members are as follows: Jay Wyatt President 1 year, Ray Rodriguez VP 2 years, Ricky Conner Assigning Secretary 2 years, Aaron Smith Treasurer 1 year, Board Members Jimmy Evans 2 years, Jason Burrous 2 years, Eddie Hopkins 1 year. The 1 years terms will be up for election at the end of the 2018/19 season and will be on 2 year cycles after that. 9. Rule Books will be online this season and will be available sometime in July.

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